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Transparencies/Colour Negatives..
Reproduction Duplicate Transparencies - 10x8, 5x4, 6x7, 6x6 and 35mm. Flat Copy Transparencies from Artwork – 10x8 and 5x4.35mm Projection Slides. Colour Transparencies from Negatives

Colour Film Processing & Contacts
E-6 and C-41 Sheet, 35mm and 120 roll Films Processed and

Colour Machine Prints..
These are high quality machine-made prints from colour negatives or trans. They are colour corrected. Prints can be produced on glossy or lustre resin coated paper. Selective enlargements are 100% extra.

Colour Hand Prints..
Hand-made colour prints can be selectively enlarged, shaded, coloured, corrected etc. We cannot match reprints unless a sample print is supplied. Normal service is 2-3 days in the laboratory.

Colour Package Prints
C-41 Films 35mm and 120 roll Processed and Printed on Gloss Paper.


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